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What if you could schedule quotes to be sent out to a list of customers at once. Sounds good, right? Well with Projectquoting.com you can. Our tools allow you to define a quoting template to be sent out to up to 300 contacts at a time. Because your contacts are stored within your account, we already have their information on file such as name, e-mail, address, and measurements, if they're applicable. For example, if you know that every Fall/Autumn you send your customers a quote for specific services, you can set this up in advance, one time and be done. When your scheduled date is reached, the quotes are sent out and fully tracked, just as if you sent them out individually. How great is that!

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Automatic Quote Reminders.

Because sometimes people forget

Some people may get a quote for services, review it, but don't pull the trigger right away. Projectquoting.com helps with this problem. You have the option for our system to automatically send out a reminder to your customers a specified number of days after a quote was sent to them if no action was taken. This drastically helps keep your customers engaged and frees up your time following up and chasing after them.

Quotes & Invoices are also fully tracked, so you will be able to see if the email reached their inbox, if it was opened, how many times it was opened and how many times they viewed their quote/invoice. You'll never wonder again if they received your email!

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