Frequently Asked Questions.

Below are a few of our most frequently asked questions.

Q How many measurements and quotes can I generate?

As many as you'd like. There are no limits to the amount of measurements and quotes you can create. Learn More.

Q How will my customers pay for their quote?

Your customers can prepay for your quote using any standard credit/debit card or via their PayPal account. You can also signup for Stripe or Square which will allow you to accept payments online as well. All payments via either option are deposited into your bank account. We do not take a cut of any of your sales nor do we store any of your customer's payment information. All payment options (PayPal, Stripe & Square) are completely free and easy to signup for. Learn More.

Q Do you integrate with QuickBooks?

Yes! Our platform allows you to integrate with your QuickBooks Online account. You can currently perform the following actions below. We will constantly be adding new Quickbook integration features in the future as well:

  • Connect to your QuickBooks Online account to access and post information with it.
  • Import your customers from QuickBooks into Projectquoting.com.
  • Export customers from Projectquoting.com into your QuickBooks account.
  • Generate Invoices and Payment records in QuickBooks for Quote Responses and payments created in Projectquoting.com.
  • Generate Invoices and Payment records in QuickBooks for Invoices and payments created in Projectquoting.com.
Q What checkout options can I offer my customers?

We offer a few pre-configured ones out of the box such as "Prepay via Credit / Debit Card", "Interested", "Further Questions", etc. However, you can create your own custom checkout options and determine the checkout flow if you'd prefer. You can also accept deposits instead of full payments at checkout time.

Q Can I accept deposits?

Yes, using our custom checkout options you can configure the ability to accept a percentage deposit of the total instead of the full payment at checkout time.

Q Do you support SMS (text messages)?

Yes. You can enable the SMS addon in your PQ account to enable sending of quotes and invoicesto customers via SMS. You can also set it up to receive real-time notifications whenever a customer fills out your quoting widget.

Q Can I ask the customer follow-up questions?

You certainly can. We allow you to create as many questions to ask the customer as you'd like. If you enable them during quote creation, the customer will be prompted and required to answer your additional questions prior to checkout. All customer responses can then be found within the quote details for your review.

Q Can I send a simple invoice to a customer and accept payment?

Yes. While you can allow your customers to prepay for your quote online we also offer simple one-off invoicing which allows you to create an invoice and send it to a customer. These invoicesare fully tracked and you can accept online payments for them. Each invoice costs .75 cents to send and consumes a "Credit" which you can purchase at any time via your account.

Q Can I setup and send a recurring invoice to a customer for payment collection?

Yes. Just like with standard invoicing, you can setup a recurring invoice to be sent to a customer on a schedule that you define. The system will then automatically send the invoice to the customer at the given date. You can even pause future invoices for a given date from sending if services weren't rendered that day.

Q What if my service pricing changes based on the size of my customer's property?

No problem, you can create unlimited pricing tiers. You can also set minimum flat pricing if the size falls below your lowest tier. Pricing tiers can be setup to be rate-based (such as price per measured unit) and calculated out precisely or you can setup a flat rate for a given tier. Learn More.

Q Can I override my pricing for specific situations?

Sure can! We allow you to override all pricing for services, surcharges and add-ons at the time of quote creation. This allows you to always present the price you want. Learn More.

Q What is this Self-Serve Quoting Widget you talk about?

It's pretty cool. It's a little piece of code you drop on your website which allows your customers to receive real-time quotes for your services. They can even measure their properties using our mapping tools and choose from several available checkout options. Learn More.

Q If my business doesn't use measurements to perform quoting, will this still work for me?

Yes! We created Project Quoting to be as flexible and generic as possible to allow all types of industries to create and send professional quotes for their services. The mapping and measurement features are simply an enhancement to facilitate specific industries but are completely optional.

Q Can I create and assign discounts to services?

Yes you can create your own custom discounts that can be applied to services during quote creation. These can be in addition to any prepay discounts you offer and are in the form of a percentage off the total cost of the service. You can create "new customer discounts", "veteran discounts", anything you can think of. It's totally up to you.

Q Do I select the services, surcharges and add-ons to present to a customer in my quote or do they pick them?

You can have it either way, or a mixture of the two. You can select the available services, surcharges and add-ons for your customers to select from or you can have them automatically selected by you at time of quote creation. Learn More.

Q What if the customer is interested in my quote but doesn't want to prepay?

You get to present them with several "checkout" options to choose from including the ability to ask questions or pay with a check later. All conversations are tracked and notifications are sent directly to you for follow-up. You can even converse with the customer post checkout via our platform and the customer's quoting portal to answer any additional questions or schedule services. Learn More.

Q Can customer's electronically sign for the quote during checkout?

Yes. Customer's can review your custom terms & conditions at time of checkout and draw their signature on the screen using their mouse or fingertip (if on a mobile device). The signature is stored within the customer's quote details.

Q What if I don't have a customer's email address

No problem. You can still create a quote for them using the platform and save it off as a PDF. The PDF can then be emailed or handed to them with instructions on how to fill it out and mail it back to the provider. You can even mail them an "online only" PDF which instructs them how and where to go online to view the quote and checkout using the normal online process. They will also be prompted for their email address upon viewing, so you will now have their email for future quoting and communications. We make it easy for them to get to your quote online with the addition of scanning a QR code with their smartphone that gets generated directly on the PDF. Scanning this barcode will take them directly to their quote. No typing involved!

Q Will I need to measure a customer's property every time I want to create a quote?

Nope. Every time you measure a customer's property we store their measurement information so next time you go to quote them for services we import what was last on file. You can however measure again or edit the size if you'd like. Learn More.

Q Can I automate my quoting?

Yes! You can schedule quotes to be sent out at a future date to a single customer or a list of customers. We also handle automated email reminders to your customers to encourage them to view and checkout with their quote if they haven't finalized it within a certain number of days. This makes ProjectQuoting.com a powerful marketing and sales tool. Learn More.

Q Do you support routing?

Yes. Select from your available quotes and generate a fully optimized route between all your waypoints. You can also save these routes and automatically send them to your Smartphone for turn by turn directions. Learn More.