Easy Satellite Measuring Tools

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Easier for you, and impressive to them

What if you didn't have to travel to the customer's location to measure their property? This would save you time, money, and headaches. With Projectquoting.com you can do just that. Our easy to use measuring tool allows you to measure properties using satellite images for either area or perimeter. It's impressive to your customers when you can be on the phone with them, measure their property within minutes, and have a quote in their inbox just as fast. Not only will this impress them, but gets your quote in their hands first, beating the competition.

Your customers will also be able to see exactly what you measured on their property if you allow them.

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Convert Measurements To Quotes

And take the guesswork out

Since your services can be configured for tiered pricing based on measurements, your freshly measured properties can be imported into a new quote with a click of a button. The address, measurements, and service pricing are all imported and calculated automatically. Looks like you can put that calculator away, huh?

And since every customer quote gets a contact record created or updated automatically, we will store the most recent measurements for that customer so you won't have to measure them again in the future.

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