Powerful Outbound Quoting & Invoicing

Super. Simple. Quoting.
Because it doesn't have to be complicated.

Easy to use

Our platform allows you to generate a customer quote and have it delivered to their inbox in under 60 seconds or send them via SMS (text message). We enable you to do this because you've setup your services, canned messages, and store all your customer data, such as basic info and measurements. The only thing left for you to do is tweak any aspect of the quote you'd like, select a few options, and hit send.

If the customer wants an aspect of the quote adjusted or revised, no problem. Simply edit the quote, hit save, and it's updated in real-time for the customer.

You also have the ability to ask additional followup questions of the customer directly before they finalize their checkout option. This helps you gather all the information you need from the customer.

You can also create additional discounts that can be applied on a per-service basis during quote creation. Such as a new customer discount, veteran, etc.

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Sync With Quickbooks

Import & Export

Our platform allows you to integrate with your Quickbooks Online account. You can currently perform the following actions:

  • Connect to your Quickbooks Online account to access and post information with it.
  • Import your customers from Quickbooks into Projectquoting.com.
  • Export customers from Projectquoting.com into your Quickbooks account.
  • Generate Invoices and Payment records in Quickbooks for Quote Responses and payments created in Projectquoting.com.
  • Generate Invoices and Payment records in Quickbooks for Invoices and payments created in Projectquoting.com.
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Pricing You Control

Always quote the right price

Since your services and pricing can be setup ahead of time, and service totals are calculated when your quote is generated, you may think this hinders flexibility in pricing. And it would, if we didn't allow you to override all pricing aspects at the time of quote creation. This allows you to always quote your customer exactly what you want to charge them.

Services, surcharges, and add-ons can also be added to the customer's cart by the provider automatically, or you can allow the customer to select which items they'd like to purchase. You can even mix and match auto-selected items with customer selected, giving you and your customers the most flexibility.

You can also create additional discounts that can be applied on a per-service basis during quote creation. Such as a new customer discount, veteran, etc.

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Track. Everything. In real-time.

Data at your fingertips

Wouldn't it be nice if you knew that your customer got your quote? That they viewed it and when? Of course, it would, so that's what we give you. Every quote is fully tracked for e-mail opens, clicks, and when it was viewed. This helps you get real-time feedback from your customers and stops the "wondering" if they received it.

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Multiple Checkout Options

You're in control

We offer multiple types of check-out options for your customers. While you can allow them to pay for your quote directly online via PayPal, Stripe or Square using any standard Credit or Debit Card, it may be that they were interested or have further questions to ask. Our platform allows you to offer those types of responses and allows your customer to show interest in your quote, without having to commit at that very moment. This is important for you, because now you can engage with that customer to persuade them, answer questions, up-sell them, or simply gauge interest. A powerful tool you wouldn't normally get from a binary "accept" or "decline" quoting system.

You can also collect customer's electronic signatures directly before checkout so you know they read and agree to your terms and conditions.

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One-Off & Recurring invoicing.

Sometimes you just need a simple invoice...

In addition to our unlimited quoting, we offer one-off invoicing where you can create and send an invoice to a customer and collect payment online. Invoices consume credits and each invoice credit costs 75 cents. Credits can be purchased at any time from within your account and credits do not expire.

You can also setup recurring invoices to be sent to a customer at specifc dates you define.

Invoices are fully tracked, can be tied back to quotes and you can offer discounts and credits as well as automatic tax collection.


  • 75 Cents per Invoice.
  • Send them over SMS (text message) if you prefer.
  • Import from your list of current customers.
  • Track opens, deliverability and clicks.
  • Invoice unlimited items.
  • Offer discounts or credits.
  • Collect tax.
  • Add credit card processing fees to the invoices.
  • Setup recurring automatic invoicing on a schedule you define.
  • Link them to your quotes.
  • Accept payments online via PayPal, Stripe or Square.
  • Receive email notification upon payment.
  • Sync invoices & Payments with Quickbooks online
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