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Clean Edge Outdoors
Provider Since: 11/16/2017 from MI.

Ortiz Lawn Care
Provider Since: 1/31/2018 from CA.

Blades to Roots Lawn care and Landscaping Services
Provider Since: 8/2/2017 from OH.

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Provider Since: 8/13/2017 from IL.

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Provider Since: 8/17/2017 from CA.

Klein Landscaping & Nursery Inc
Provider Since: 5/1/2017 from ND.

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Provider Since: 6/12/2017 from TX.

Qwt Property Services Inc.
Provider Since: 1/20/2018 from MN.

Mile High concrete llc
Provider Since: 8/8/2017 from CO.

Lawnscape Systems
Provider Since: 7/25/2017 from CA.

McDaniels Landscaping Co.
Provider Since: 8/13/2017 from SC.

Cut Em' Boyz Lawncare
Provider Since: 7/24/2017 from TN.

Alaska handyman and lawn
Provider Since: 5/12/2017 from AL.

What people are saying...

5 Star Reviews on Capterra.

Its easy to setup, templates are available to help get set up quicker! I get tons of leads everyday thanks to Project Quoting. it saves us time and has paid for itself many times over. Try it.
-Gary Quackenbush, Qwt Property Services Inc.

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Easy To Setup

Because saving time is key.

Our platform is very easy to setup. Once you signup you can choose from a number of pre-defined industries with pre-populated services, surcharges and upsells complete with names, descriptions and various other settings. All you have to do is input your pricing. If you don't see your industry listed during the setup wizard, don't worry, anyone can use project quoting and you can use our manual setup option to curate your service and program offerings from scratch. Everything is 100% editable and customizable.

Sync With Quickbooks

Importing & Exporting

Our platform allows you to integrate with your Quickbooks Online account. You can currently perform the following actions:

  • Connect to your Quickbooks Online account to access and post information with it.
  • Import your customers from Quickbooks into Projectquoting.com.
  • Export customers from Projectquoting.com into your Quickbooks account.
  • Generate Invoices and Payment records in Quickbooks for Quote Responses and payments created in Projectquoting.com.
  • Generate Invoices and Payment records in Quickbooks for Invoices and payments created in Projectquoting.com.
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Measuring Tools Built Right In

Go from measuring to quoting

Our easy to use measuring tools means you can measure properties remotely for your lawn or landscaping business and import those measurements directly into your quote. We even create and save a contact record automatically for every quote you send out. This means if you need to re-quote the customer in the future, all you have to do is select them from the list. All their account information, including measurement data is automatically imported into the quote.

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Flexibility Is Key

Pricing you control

When you create services on our platform, you are presented with multiple pricing options, all of which can be overridden upon quote creation, for custom pricing.

Flat Pricing
Super simple. Specify a price for your service and that's the price. Straight forward.

Tiered Pricing
Tiered pricing is pricing based on tiers you define and are used in conjunction with your customers’ measurements to calculate pricing instantaneously. You have two types of tiered pricing: Per Rate and Flat Price Per Tier.

Pricing Per Rate means that if the customer's measurement falls within your defined tier, it will multiply the rate you defined by the given measurement, to give an exact price to the customer for the service. This can optionally be set to round up automatically so pricing doesn't appear to be so precise to the customer.

Flat Price Per Tier means that each tier you define there's a set flat price for the service if their measurement size falls within that range.

Super. Simple. Quoting.
Because it doesn't have to be complicated.

Easy to use

Our platform allows you to generate a customer quote and have it delivered to their inbox in under 60 seconds or send via SMS (text message). We enable you to do this because you've setup your services, canned messages, and store all your customer data, such as basic info and measurements. The only thing left for you to do is tweak any aspect of the quote you'd like, select a few options, and hit send.

If the customer wants an aspect of the quote adjusted or revised, no problem. Simply edit the quote, hit save, and it's updated in real-time for the customer.

Services, surcharges, and add-ons can also be added to the customer's cart by the provider automatically, or you can allow the customer to select which items they'd like to purchase. You can even mix and match auto-selected items with customer selected, giving you and your customers the most flexibility.

Ask Additional Follow up Questions
You also have the ability to ask additional follow up questions of the customer directly before they finalize their checkout option. This helps you gather all the information you need from the customer.

One-Off Invoicing
You can also create simple one-off invoices to send to customers and accept payments online or schedule Recurring invoices that are sent via a schedule you setup. These can also be sent via SMS (text message).

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Multiple Checkout Options

You're in control

We offer multiple types of check-out options for your customers. While you can allow them to pay for your quote directly online via PayPal, Stripe or Square using any standard Credit or Debit Card, it may be that they were interested or have further questions to ask. Our platform allows you to offer those types of responses and allows your customer to show interest in your quote, without having to commit at that very moment. This is important for you, because now you can engage with that customer to persuade them, answer questions, up-sell them, or simply gauge interest. A powerful tool you wouldn't normally get from a binary "accept" or "decline" quoting system.

Custom Checkout Options
Along with our pre-defined checkout options, you can create your own, control the checkout flow and setup acceptance of deposits instead of full payments at time of checkout.

Electronic Customer Signatures
You can also collect customer's electronic signatures directly before checkout so you know they read and agree to your terms and conditions.

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Self-Service Quoting Widget

Let your customers do the work

Use our groundbreaking self-serve quoting widget! Install it directly on your website or place a link to it. Our widget allows your customers to input their basic information, with option to measure their property themselves using our easy to use measuring tool or input their known property size, and then review all your service offerings and pricing. Customers can then add services to their cart and select one of any check-out options you allow. Wake up in the morning to multiple, fully formed quotes that your customers did themselves. Now that's revolutionary!

All customer progress through the widget is tracked in real-time, even if the customer doesn't fully complete the quoting process, you have access to all their contact information you can use to follow up with the customer. It's the best lead generation tool ever!

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Track. Everything. In real-time.

Data at your fingertips

Wouldn't it be nice if you knew that your customer got your quote? That they viewed it and when? Of course, it would, so that's what we give you. Every quote is fully tracked for e-mail opens, clicks, and when it was viewed. This helps you get real-time feedback from your customers and stops the "wondering" if they received it.

Automatic email reminders can be sent out to customer's as well if they don't respond to your quote within a period of time as well. You may also resend the quote or invoice manually to the customer at any time.

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