Services & Pricing

Flexibility Is Key

Pricing you control

When you create services on our platform, you are presented with multiple pricing options, all of which can be overridden upon quote creation, for custom pricing.

Flat Pricing
Super simple. Specify a price for your service and that's the price. Straight forward.

Tiered Pricing
Tiered pricing is pricing based on tiers you define and are used in conjunction with your customers’ measurements to calculate pricing instantaneously. You have two types of tiered pricing: Per Rate and Flat Price Per Tier.

Pricing Per Rate means that if the customer's measurement falls within your defined tier, it will multiply the rate you defined by the given measurement, to give an exact price to the customer for the service. This can optionally be set to round up automatically so pricing doesn't appear to be so precise to the customer.

Flat Price Per Tier means that each tier you define there's a set flat price for the service if their measurement size falls within that range.

We even allow you to view what other providers have created for services in your industry to help you with your pricing and service setup. You then can import a selected service into your account for use. This makes getting started that much easier.

Incentivize Early Purchase With Pre-pay

Because cash flow is important

With all services, add-ons or surcharges you have the option to allow pre-pay discounts. These are percentage off discounts you can offer your customers that they will receive if they were to pre-pay for your services. Pre-pay discounts are a great way to close deals quickly, improve cashflow, and incentivize your customers.

You can also create custom coupon codes that customers can apply to their order upon checkout. You can offer fixed price or percentage based discounts and set them to expire at specific times. These can be great tools to attract new customers and increase signups.

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Upsells & Surcharges

Increase revenue

We also offer you the ability to create both surcharges and add-ons. These can either be forced upon your customers during quote creation (meaning they are automatically applied to their total) or you can allow your customers the option to select them. For example, let’s say you were offering a lawn mowing service and for an additional charge, you would pick up the grass clippings and bag them. You can create an add-on called "Bag Grass Clippings" and charge a fee for it. These types of charges can help you bring in the most revenue possible and allow your customers to have a customized experience.

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